Saturday, December 02, 2006


At times, it seems as if Lahore is an actual urban jungle because of the sheer amount of animals that are constantly mingling on the streets with the locals. Aside from the creatues I will document here, the Lahore animal population included dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, cows and camels.

I also saw two smartly dressed monkeys on leashes, but their owners wouldn't let me take their pictures, so I had to steal this shot as they walked down the street:

Here is a goat that I saw on the sidewalk. When I asked why his two front legs were bound together, I was told that he was just waiting to be sacrificed within a few days.

Horses can be seen transporting people around town in carriages that range from the simple to the elegantly elaborate.

Generally, animals in Lahore are used as beasts of burden, and horses and mules are most often seen transporting heavy loads across town.

Most of the time, these animals appear overworked and overwhelmed. This donkey is practically skeletal, but he is still being required to lug a cache of children's bikes from one place to another.

Still, there are times in Lahore when you'll spot an actual person carrying a heavy load and when you do, you can bet that there's a horse, donkey or cow somewhere who is thankful for the break.

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